We’re will share and make your dream of photos come true, didn’t talk about just photos, we’ll make it like a story based on your story and what you imagine. Your character is the answer and the basic of the project. As like as the tagline, “our passion is with love” and the art will follow the project of awesome imagine.

The first we make this “room”, the Violet Photography begin with our hobby and some people ask to us for share our hobby to other people and make this hobby to be project. That’s make us so happy to share what we want for you get with us. This company has been my life and begin to be my family too, a lot of story of this “room”, tell about how make a good photos who make the people like too, but isn’t talk about that actually, but we try so hard for make people understand of  photography and not just about “click the shutter”. Come and tell about your story, your dream and we’ll make effort to make it come true.

Violet photography