Mental of Emotional

Laura as Bride, Ary as Groom


It’s a thought or reason of form of arguments. In this case through the see, through the trees for many years belong the true love is finally found in you. Fight, tears, depressed, happiness, lot of fun, stories, we passed together and many thanks for any reason you still in my heart, in my life. Did you know i did not choose you, and so do you, but the universe choose us with love for life together.

Until now and the end of world, i will still be with you to see our child grow up, go to school, late night to come home lol, that is the time we never forget until we grow old. Don’t let me did not hug you everyday, didn’t say i love you, do the best for every time and we learn about this love, and find out why the world choose us to love each other.


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